Alana said…

Sometimes, when we’re very lucky, the right book ends up in the right hands–and this is what happened to me. I read “because” quickly, but its messages kept me thinking long after. The book asks us to think about how we decide who we really are and what we must do to hold on to our ideas of ‘self’ when things dramatically change. Along with Robert I learned that, while we can’t always change what happens to us, we can reframe the events in our lives in order to survive, and even thrive. As well, ‘because‘ reminded me to appreciate all of the ‘sherpas’ in my life–the ones I know and the ones I have yet to meet (help and good advice often arrives from the most unexpected sources). Finally, the book does a great job of weaving music through the storyline. Even each acknowledgement comes with its own soundtrack. In the spirit of matching music to ideas, I dedicate “I Can See Clearly Now” (Jimmy Cliff) to this book. An excellent, worthwhile read.

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What a wonderful gift of words!

This morning we woke up to this glorious review for my book from Charles Dimov, an Amazon Top 100 Reviewer. This is a wonderful New Year gift for us and just as the Chinese saying “good things come in pairs”, because is on special promotion for you this weekend too!

A wonderful tale … Rejuvenating – Touching – Inspiring

I cannot say enough about Jack Langedijk’s book. I just finished reading it – and am feeling completely inspired.

For anyone facing change, a challenge, or hardship – this is a wonderful book to read. It takes you through a tragic part of a remarkable man’s life… and looks at his transformation and ability to cope/or not – with the biggest hurdle of his life.

It is a fantastic character development story, with an emotional punch. If you are going through any hardship, or challenge – you will want to read because. There were emotional moments that gripped you in a pit of despair… with a breakthrough moment that brings you back to that sense of clarity – to see the path forward.

This gripping novel has renewed my own hope in my personal challenges.

If you are looking for an inspiring novel – to get you back on your feet and ready to re-appreciate life… this is the one for you!

I loved every minute of it!

I will be recommending because to my friends! 🙂

(provided for a fair and balanced review)

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Shelly said…

Jack Langedijk sure knows how to write a powerful, inspiring and captivating novel.

A novel where we believe it was written for us, and at the perfect time in our lives.

I believe this book needs to be in schools, through a story to teach our children lessons and values.

Through Robert’s journey we realize we have all traveled through the same journeys, learning the lessons of life. The lessons become like “Oprah’s light bulb moments”. We learn we are all human, we all have pain, failures and triumph’s. Not only are we transported to Robert and Monique’s world, we are also transported back to our own. The AH HA moment…

The book captivated me, I couldn’t put it down.

I learned a lot about myself, through Robert’s life.

I wondered through the book how it would end, and it wasn’t disappointing.


I can’t wait for another book.

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Philip said…

This book is a real tear-jerker that leaves you with a desire to give back to humanity. The writing puts you in the shoes of many characters and makes you feel like you’ve walked a mile in their footsteps. I hope there’s a sequel because I would be interested in the further stories of some of the other characters.

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Brenda said…

In the beginning, I did not really want to read this book – it wasn’t “my type”. It’s not science fiction, a murder mystery or the like. But, because I said I would, I started the first page…then the second…and interestingly, finished the first chapter, feeling I need to read the next chapter. And so my journey began. Without realizing it, I was seduced by Jack’s story-telling into becoming invested in the characters. I wanted to know what was happening to them, why, what would happen as their life journey continued….I thirsted for more with each page and chapter I finished. This book made me FEEL, it moved me, it made me think about certain parts of my life – even though I am so far removed from the characters in the book, I was able to look at my current life journey and see it as my “be-coming”. It was clear to me that the messaging in this book is applicable to anyone and everyone, young and …mature (that’s me for sure!). Thank you, Jack, for this wonderful gift.

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Katarina said…

I had a pleasure winning the book on the first reads. I appreciate the opportunity I got. This genre is not my usual choice of reading material, but a brief summary made me very interested in content.

A title itself is very suitable. The book is about finding that Because – something which will represent the purpose of life. The author explored the difficult life situations, and depths of human suffering. This book is about finding the reason. This is a story about the man finding his way through life, finding his purpose. It is perfect example how life can change in an instant. Large accidents, like the one that happened to the main character in the book, has an impact not only on the individual, but also on the family and people in his everyday surrounding.

The book has left me with a great impression. It made me feel that everything happens for a reason. All the people we met, all the situation we get into, everything has its own purpose. And no matter what happens, no matter how hopeless we are, we always have a choice.

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Jessica said…

I loved it! “BECAUSE” is an inspiring book I highly recommend!

Perhaps it was serendipity for me to receive an advance copy; I read it while considering a career and other personal changes in my life. Unexpectedly, “change” is a key element in this story. A part of me related to Robert (the main character) in an enormous way – at times where I couldn’t put the book down. I needed to know what happened next; how was the situation resolved?! Occasionally, moments in the book had me pause and wonder to myself: “Yes, this is a book, but what if… / how would I react if that happened to a family member, a friend or me?” Your life can change in an instant (not always by choice), affecting your perspective, and physical/mental health. While reading this book, you’ll find yourself going through the emotions along with Robert as he deals with how the drastic changes in his physical-self affects how he sees himself and his interactions with others. Eventually, leading up to his need to re-examine his life and how he now fits in it.

You’re sure to relate with one or more of the diverse characters in this book. “Because” has you move from each characters’ past, present and future; their troubled life’s journey before meeting Robert, how they met Robert, and how he has a positive affect with their present (and perhaps future) direction in life. The relationships between the characters reminded me of that old adage: you meet people for a reason or for a season (there’s a purpose for all interactions – to learn from others, to teach others or re-assess yourself.) The jumping back and forth through time as each character is introduced might be confusing for some; I thought the different flow added to their character development which helped me connect with some of their personality traits.

I felt “Because” was a spiritual story that didn’t feel preachy or religious. I came to the realization after reading this book that its life’s trials or changes (not always of your choice) that truly test you – especially when they seem never-ending. There is a reason for all events – it’s just a challenge at times to determine what exactly the reason is.

Because” surprisingly opened my eyes to creating change instead of waiting for change. Who would think that embarking on an inspiring journey of self-discovery could start from reading a random book? For that reason alone, I highly recommend this book!

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Monica said…

I feel strongly that ten years from now we’ll be hearing Jack Langedijk’s name often and recalling the experience of reading the first of his many published works, Because, like we recall a poignant life memory. The story of Robert Sanchez is heart-wrenchingly beautiful, unprecedentedly attention-commanding, and from me it has earned the compliment every good author attains to, which is: “I couldn’t put this book down!”

This is not a simple story. The drama is complicated, the story is revealed subtly. The dimensions of Robert’s past and present, the intricacies of his relationships, were revealed in an ever-deepening cascade of naked truths until I, the reader, felt so deeply entrenched in all that made up the layers of Robert’s life that I simply had to finish reading. I rushed headlong and with utter abandon towards the ending, with an aching need to know that this beautiful person would be OK in the end. You’ll have to read it yourself to find out. Read the first chapter and you’ll be hooked. You too will need to know that Robert and Monique will be OK.

If you read one book this year, one book that you will think over and mull over and allow to seep slowly and deeply into the marrow of your soul, let this book be it. And then, when you’ve finished reading it, spend some time to find the “Robert” in your own life. There’s a little bit of “Because” in all of us, I believe, and I owe Mr. Langedijk a debt of gratitude for the gift this book has brought to my own life.

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Jane said…

Langedijk captures the essence of understanding and perseverance along with tolerance, belief in one’s self and others, and finding the real meaning of tests and challenges set before each one of us in our own lives. This book is written with passion and deep commitment to finding answers and solutions, while allowing the reader to develop their own thoughts and interpretations. Because … is a MUST read by anyone who finds lack of tolerance and acceptance an issue that needs addressing. Langedijk is clearly a deeply committed writer and brings the reader to tears and joy throughout this book as his tale of discovery and belief in the possible unfolds. Very hard to put it down!

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