Jack A. Langedijk

Jack Langedijk is an accomplished actor, director and producer of hundreds of film, television and theatre productions. His 40 years of experience as a passionate storyteller with contagious optimism and original ideas has helped him develop and deliver many ground-breaking workshops in leadership and communication.

Jack founded QUEST-I’m-ON, with a mission to create and foster healthy relationships within schools, workplaces and homes.

His debut novel because combines the lessons and experiences from the last 17 years of facilitating his many diverse workshops in schools and corporations. His inspiring fictional novel expresses the many real-life obstacles most of us have and helps guide the reader to finding new insights and perspectives in dealing with these experiences.

Jack lives with his wife and daughter in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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Contact: jack @ because.zone

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V. V. Cam

V.V. Cam’s philosophy of life exemplifies the saying “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” When it comes to exploring the ever-changing world of self-publishing, V.V. has proven she is no stranger to embracing new worlds and ideas. She has not only learned how to fish, but also has spent her life teaching hundreds of others to become self-reliant.

V. V. Cam is a Canadian, best known as the author of the Because Self-Publishing Works and Because Money Matters series of practical and actionable self-help books. With her usual pragmatic advice, compassionate voice, and succinct writing style, she shares through these books the lessons and wisdom she learned.

The two books in the Because Self-Publishing Works series share the knowledge she learned while helping her husband publish and market his book. Because Money Matters: The 8 Principles to Build Your Wealth starts her first book in the series about gaining and growing wealth.

With the same passion for creativity and innovation, V. V. Cam has brought her unique vision to the design of notebooks, sketchbooks, and coloring books, creating beautiful and functional products that inspire and delight since her early retirement in 2023. Her collections featured colourful and whimsical designs, inspired by nature, art, and fashion.

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Contact: vvcam @ because.zone

Author Profiles: Amazon | Goodreads

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