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I loved it! “BECAUSE” is an inspiring book I highly recommend!

Perhaps it was serendipity for me to receive an advance copy; I read it while considering a career and other personal changes in my life. Unexpectedly, “change” is a key element in this story. A part of me related to Robert (the main character) in an enormous way – at times where I couldn’t put the book down. I needed to know what happened next; how was the situation resolved?! Occasionally, moments in the book had me pause and wonder to myself: “Yes, this is a book, but what if… / how would I react if that happened to a family member, a friend or me?” Your life can change in an instant (not always by choice), affecting your perspective, and physical/mental health. While reading this book, you’ll find yourself going through the emotions along with Robert as he deals with how the drastic changes in his physical-self affects how he sees himself and his interactions with others. Eventually, leading up to his need to re-examine his life and how he now fits in it.

You’re sure to relate with one or more of the diverse characters in this book. “Because” has you move from each characters’ past, present and future; their troubled life’s journey before meeting Robert, how they met Robert, and how he has a positive affect with their present (and perhaps future) direction in life. The relationships between the characters reminded me of that old adage: you meet people for a reason or for a season (there’s a purpose for all interactions – to learn from others, to teach others or re-assess yourself.) The jumping back and forth through time as each character is introduced might be confusing for some; I thought the different flow added to their character development which helped me connect with some of their personality traits.

I felt “Because” was a spiritual story that didn’t feel preachy or religious. I came to the realization after reading this book that its life’s trials or changes (not always of your choice) that truly test you – especially when they seem never-ending. There is a reason for all events – it’s just a challenge at times to determine what exactly the reason is.

Because” surprisingly opened my eyes to creating change instead of waiting for change. Who would think that embarking on an inspiring journey of self-discovery could start from reading a random book? For that reason alone, I highly recommend this book!

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