Shelly said…

Jack Langedijk sure knows how to write a powerful, inspiring and captivating novel.

A novel where we believe it was written for us, and at the perfect time in our lives.

I believe this book needs to be in schools, through a story to teach our children lessons and values.

Through Robert’s journey we realize we have all traveled through the same journeys, learning the lessons of life. The lessons become like “Oprah’s light bulb moments”. We learn we are all human, we all have pain, failures and triumph’s. Not only are we transported to Robert and Monique’s world, we are also transported back to our own. The AH HA moment…

The book captivated me, I couldn’t put it down.

I learned a lot about myself, through Robert’s life.

I wondered through the book how it would end, and it wasn’t disappointing.


I can’t wait for another book.

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