Brenda said…

In the beginning, I did not really want to read this book – it wasn’t “my type”. It’s not science fiction, a murder mystery or the like. But, because I said I would, I started the first page…then the second…and interestingly, finished the first chapter, feeling I need to read the next chapter. And so my journey began. Without realizing it, I was seduced by Jack’s story-telling into becoming invested in the characters. I wanted to know what was happening to them, why, what would happen as their life journey continued….I thirsted for more with each page and chapter I finished. This book made me FEEL, it moved me, it made me think about certain parts of my life – even though I am so far removed from the characters in the book, I was able to look at my current life journey and see it as my “be-coming”. It was clear to me that the messaging in this book is applicable to anyone and everyone, young and …mature (that’s me for sure!). Thank you, Jack, for this wonderful gift.

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