Kindle Instant Book Previews

Amazon’s Kindle Instant Book Preview has made it easier for you to read and share books. These previews show the first few chapters of each book. It’s a great way to discover your next favourite book and author!

Acorn 666Angel in the ShadowsBeware of WarlocksbecauseCommittedContact UsFatal ReactionFlexible Dieting HandbookInto the WoodsJingle Bell HowlLooking for HomeShadeWarriorSecond SkynXoe
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Free service to promote other authors’ books

This section includes books from other authors. As there are very few places where indie authors could promote their books, my sole purpose is to offer them an extra outlet to showcase their creations to you. I hope you will find your next read here.

If you are an author and would like to add your book(s), please complete this form. It is absolutely free and no registration is required.

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Places to get free high-quality images

The following sites have images that can be used for personal and commercial projects as they are either in the public domain or licensed under the Creative Commons License.

If you want to ensure that the  image you found is not overused, you may want to do a reverse image search by following these steps:

  1. Download the thumbnail image from the website
  2. Upload it to and if you get too many results, avoid using the image.
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