Stealing The Future

Behind the Berlin Wall a dissident is on the trail of a killer

1993. After forty years of communist rule it’s time for change in the GDR.

Direct democracy, citizen’s movements and de-centralization are part of the new political landscape.

But when a politician’s crushed body is found a constitutional crisis erupts.

Former dissident, Martin Grobe, is caught up in an investigation that points towards the KGB, the Stasi and the West Germans—but is it really the start of a putsch against the new GDR, or just a murder?

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Independent Publishing Showcase – October 2016

Dear Readers: Here are October’s books in our Independent Publishing Showcase. Some books are on special promotions while others may be your next favourite read. Please check them out and scroll down to enter for a chance to win $25 PayPal cash or Amazon gift card. Thank you for supporting indie authors!

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Buried Desire: Soulbonded Book 1

The vengeful ghost of a murdered girl stalks the innocent. A forbidden passion ignites in the dark. Secrets of the past that doom the present rise with the dead at Eden Lake.

For Nikolai and Alexei, their summer job was a break from real life, a last deep breath of freedom before returning to their family and the arranged marriages waiting for them. But the peace of the summer is shattered when the ghost of a brutally murdered girl begins to kill.

As the boys struggle to put the spirit to rest before it kills again, long-suppressed desire flares, despite the deep taboos of their upbringing. Gifted with the sight, Alexei has lived his life knowing something dark hunts for Nikolai, and their love holds the key to saving him or damning him forever. The choice may not be theirs to make.

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The Blow-In

Romance can lurk where you least expect it. Even in the depths of the Irish countryside.

Political reporter Finola McGee is not the romantic type. She leads with her chin, shoots from the hip and takes no prisoners. When living on the edge loses its appeal, she escapes Dublin to run the local newspaper in a small Tipperary town. An easy job, friendly neighbours, lovely countryside, and fresh air—what’s not to like?

But the rural bliss doesn’t last longer than a weekend. Finola soon finds herself mixed up in a hornet’s nest of conspiracies. And when Hollywood rides into town, a certain heartthrob adds a further twist to an already complicated romance…

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Magnificent Autumn

Inspired by the 100 Shades of Red Album, this contest is about capturing the beauty of the autumn season. This is your opportunity to showcase your photos and get a chance to win $25 PayPal cash or an Amazon gift card.

  • From now until October 31, 2016, you can add your photos (up to five at a time) that you own to this contest. Please submit high quality autumn-related photos and those that are unsuitable will be deleted. Click Upload below to start.
  • Until November 15, 2016 all visitors to the site can vote for the photos and you may ask your friends to vote for yours by sharing your photos or this page. A person can vote on each photo once by clicking the heart icon on the top left corner of the photo.
  • The winner will be selected  and notified by email on or before November 18, 2016.

Now let the fun begin!

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Click here to enter the Independent Publishing Showcase – October 2016 Contest

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The Police Academy

A Guide for those interested in starting a career in law enforcement. This book will help you understand the the hiring process from choosing an agency and the initial application right through to academy graduation day. And even what to expect during your first few months as a member of the thin blue line.

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Love in the Old West: Vol.1: 3 Mail Order Brides Boxed Set

Love Waits in The West by Mary Anne Carmel
Unfailing Love Series – Book 1

Lisa Hurst is young, lovely and trusts God for the right mate. But when her much older and scheming neighbor Mr. Jackson sets his sights upon Lisa, she prays for a way out. Can Lisa escape the determined Mr. Jackson’s clutches? Will the Westerner Tyler Crawford choose a mail order bride over his beautiful neighbor, the heiress Jane Caldwell? Will Lisa ever find the love she hopes for?

This is the first of a series of historical romance novels based on the loves and lives of fictional mail order brides who traveled to the Old West in search of love and marriage.

Mirabel’s Choice by Mary Anne Carmel
Mail Order Bride Agency – Book 1

When Mirabel Evans is fired from her job after enduring harassment at the hands of her relatives, she writes to Westerner Aaron Mason to become a mail order bride. But tragedy strikes when Mirabel has an accident and loses her memory. As she struggles to remember her past, she experiences an unpleasant encounter with a group of lawless outlaws. Will Mirabel and Aaron find each other and discover the love that they long to find?

The Lady and the Outlaw by Mary Anne Carmel
Mail Order Bride Agency – Book 2

When Annette Spencer breaks off her engagement with her reckless fiancé Wayne who is after her wealth, the town’s gossips tear her reputation to shreds. Determined to make a new life, Anne seeks help from the town’s mail order bride agency and answers an ad in the Matrimonial News to marry a Westerner named Russell Wilkins. But when she travels with her sister Lynn to a lawless Western town in search of love, she finds that things are not as benign as they appeared at first.

Danger awaits this mail order bride as she looks for happiness but her life changes when former outlaw Will Woodward comes to her rescue.

Their path is not easy, however. The other man, Wilkins, seeks revenge on Anne and Will. Read this inspirational western romance to find out if Will and Anne can overcome the odds and find a future together.

Mail Order Bride Agency is a series of Christian frontier historical Kindle books. If you enjoy Christian western romance novels, this book could be right for you.

For more historical religious romance books, visit the author’s page to see a full list of Christian mail order brides kindle books.

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Blade of The Lucan

When a cruel tyrant and his armies wreak havoc in Luca, countless lives hang in the balance.

One woman – Marian, a Phaser – has made it her mission to bring down the sadistic war monger Palus. With fellow Phaser and friend Marika by her side, they will stop at nothing to find the elusive tyrant and assassinate him.

Doing so will be no easy feat. Palus has informants at every turn, hindering Marian’s mission, but soon he will discover that Marian and Marika possess mysterious skills that could enable them to succeed and defeat his armies.

Can Marian and Marika root out the malicious evildoer before he takes more innocent lives?

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All The Pretty Ghosts

One year ago the Event swept through the world and wiped out the entire adult population. Now all the children are alone and fending for themselves.

Everly Hilton can see ghosts. Bridging the gap between the living and the dead, there are so many departed adults she can barely handle her ability.

With winter approaching, Everly can’t fight the dead any longer. She has to listen to the ghosts in order to understand what caused the Event and help keep the children alive.

What she doesn’t realise is that her association with the spirits runs far closer to home than she could ever imagine.

In the series:

All The Dead Arising (Short Prequel)
All The Pretty Ghosts
I Am Never Alone
We Are Always Forever

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Max Hamby and the Emerald Hunt

Max Hamby’s story continues, but this time he is joined by Milo Jenkins.

The battle between good and evil has just begun.

Oxworth Pitt destroyed Max’s home and trapped his mother in the Shadowstone with a three hundred year old witch.

Isolde is getting stronger.

Max must travel to Grimhold, a goblin slave market, to find the next stone before Oxworth or risk losing everything.

Milo Jenkins has always been a big believer in myth and magic, but he’s left reeling from a nightmare filled with destruction and images of Max Hamby.

When he’s given his grandfather’s strange pendant, with a warning to never take it off, he becomes suspicious that there might be more to his nightmare than he thought.

His suspicions are confirmed when he learns that Pleasant Seas has been destroyed and an entire community lost.

Milo doesn’t believe it and sets out on a quest to learn the truth.

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Dead Before the Wedding: A Carly Keene Cozy Mystery

Life in a small town can be murder…

Meet Carly Keene. She’s a professional photographer, part-time bakery employee, and a small town girl who loves everything about her hometown, until she discovers that there’s a murderer on the loose.

Parker’s Mill has a killer in its midst. The sleepy little Georgia town is full of quirky characters, but one of them is a stone-cold killer. When Carly discovers the body of one of her photography clients in his bathtub, fully clothed and snuggled up to a space heater in the dead of summer, she knows something’s not right.

The dead guy had some secrets. One of which just happens to be a secret love child, and another is a redhead who smokes too much, which wouldn’t be a problem if he hadn’t been engaged to a brassy blonde with eighties hair and a heck of a mean temper. He also has a gorgeous twin brother who knocks Carly for six when she realizes that she might be falling for him.

Can Carly figure out who really killed Larry Gaston before the cops nab the wrong person? Or will she let his handsome twin wander off into the sunset with one of the dead guy’s former conquests?

Get cozy with the characters in this small town as Carly fights for justice as sweet as the chocolate cake at the Sweets & Eats bakery!

**Includes two recipes straight from the book!**

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Dicing with the Gods

Meet Grug Smash. Grug not so smart. Then Grug find magic amulet.

Grug Smash is a barbarian adventurer, and he’s happy that way. He’s lived his life one mission and one tankard of ale at a time, doing his best to live up to his name and smash as much as one barbarian can. When Grug stumbles upon a magical amulet that boosts intelligence, his simple world begins to fall apart. He realizes that his life, his identity, is little more than a poorly-written backstory, and the gods themselves may be playing games with actions and existence. As Grug’s world crashes down around him, he must battle a sorcerer intent on ruling the world, wrestle with an inability to understand his past, and contend with the gods, who seem to have taken a direct interest in his life. What’s Grug to do when there’s nothing to smash?

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