Love in the Old West: Vol.1: 3 Mail Order Brides Boxed Set

Love Waits in The West by Mary Anne Carmel
Unfailing Love Series – Book 1

Lisa Hurst is young, lovely and trusts God for the right mate. But when her much older and scheming neighbor Mr. Jackson sets his sights upon Lisa, she prays for a way out. Can Lisa escape the determined Mr. Jackson’s clutches? Will the Westerner Tyler Crawford choose a mail order bride over his beautiful neighbor, the heiress Jane Caldwell? Will Lisa ever find the love she hopes for?

This is the first of a series of historical romance novels based on the loves and lives of fictional mail order brides who traveled to the Old West in search of love and marriage.

Mirabel’s Choice by Mary Anne Carmel
Mail Order Bride Agency – Book 1

When Mirabel Evans is fired from her job after enduring harassment at the hands of her relatives, she writes to Westerner Aaron Mason to become a mail order bride. But tragedy strikes when Mirabel has an accident and loses her memory. As she struggles to remember her past, she experiences an unpleasant encounter with a group of lawless outlaws. Will Mirabel and Aaron find each other and discover the love that they long to find?

The Lady and the Outlaw by Mary Anne Carmel
Mail Order Bride Agency – Book 2

When Annette Spencer breaks off her engagement with her reckless fiancé Wayne who is after her wealth, the town’s gossips tear her reputation to shreds. Determined to make a new life, Anne seeks help from the town’s mail order bride agency and answers an ad in the Matrimonial News to marry a Westerner named Russell Wilkins. But when she travels with her sister Lynn to a lawless Western town in search of love, she finds that things are not as benign as they appeared at first.

Danger awaits this mail order bride as she looks for happiness but her life changes when former outlaw Will Woodward comes to her rescue.

Their path is not easy, however. The other man, Wilkins, seeks revenge on Anne and Will. Read this inspirational western romance to find out if Will and Anne can overcome the odds and find a future together.

Mail Order Bride Agency is a series of Christian frontier historical Kindle books. If you enjoy Christian western romance novels, this book could be right for you.

For more historical religious romance books, visit the author’s page to see a full list of Christian mail order brides kindle books.

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