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Because” is an uplifting read. I simply can’t express my feelings about this book in a nutshell. It causes multiple emotions to stir up in the mind and persistently tries to connect you with the thoughts that lie at the core of this greatly inspiring story. I guess I should start with the title. It immediately makes you think unlike some titles which are very self-explanatory. I was curious about it when I started reading the book but I arrived at some kind of an answer only after completing the read. It surely leaves plenty of room for thought and I will not reveal my conclusions here as that might hinder another person’s venture to find the underlying meaning. However, I felt I had to mention the title as I believe it is another positive aspect of this impeccable novel. The story we have here is the story of a person who is robbed of his ability to do what he desires to do. It is the story of someone who wants to keep fighting and who does so with incredible strength and will power. As we read, we confront the different emotional conflicts faced by Roberto. Each time, he impresses us. He is not an infallible hero but he is a hero who takes on life’s challenges very boldly, setting an example for others. This brave protagonist wins a place for himself in our hearts with his never-say-die spirit and passion for helping those that require it. Needless to say, he drives the course of this novel which, in my opinion, is a perfectly executed work.

Moving on to other things, the writing is captivating. Of course, it takes a brilliant writer to give shape to such a strong protagonist. Langedijk has done a commendable job not only with the portrayal of his protagonist, but also with the beautiful description of nature and its influence on human feelings. There are many people who cope with newer struggles everyday like Roberto in this novel. This is a book which is very close to reality and is not in the least far fetched. That being said, I’d like to finish off this review with one last comment–go ahead and read this book if you’re being let down by seemingly never-ending frustrations; if not, read it anyway. This is one of those rare books that truly inspire. If you’re still asking yourself why you should read this–because it will help you believe in yourself, yes, that’s how I am going to reply to that question!

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