Black 21

One Pact. One Town. One Gifted Woman. One 21st Birthday.

Twenty-One Reasons to Run Like Hell…

For Daisy Lock, what appears to be an innocent family visit in the country turns into a dark favor asked by a stranger. Not all things are what they seem. Twenty-first birthdays take on a whole new meaning in this hideaway town. Thrown into an occult world filled with sinister lies, Daisy spirals down a destructive path of despair, taking risks for a man she hardly knows. But this man knows her very well. There’s a reason she’s been sheltered. On a hot summer day in 1879, a man named Jack Red has a plan for one little town. But is Jack really a man? He crawls into the minds of mortal men and turns their souls black. The young men of Golden Hills celebrate their 21st birthdays in a different way, all part of a contract signed long ago by their fathers. When Daisy discovers she’s part of this plan, she learns what real evil is.

But will Daisy escape this plan made long ago, or will she give into the immortal world, forgetting her faith, and live out her true destiny?

Follow the Gothic Horror of the Golden Hills Legacy Saga Rose’s Sin, the Prequel and Lana’s Calling, Book Two

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