Dead Before the Wedding: A Carly Keene Cozy Mystery

Life in a small town can be murder…

Meet Carly Keene. She’s a professional photographer, part-time bakery employee, and a small town girl who loves everything about her hometown, until she discovers that there’s a murderer on the loose.

Parker’s Mill has a killer in its midst. The sleepy little Georgia town is full of quirky characters, but one of them is a stone-cold killer. When Carly discovers the body of one of her photography clients in his bathtub, fully clothed and snuggled up to a space heater in the dead of summer, she knows something’s not right.

The dead guy had some secrets. One of which just happens to be a secret love child, and another is a redhead who smokes too much, which wouldn’t be a problem if he hadn’t been engaged to a brassy blonde with eighties hair and a heck of a mean temper. He also has a gorgeous twin brother who knocks Carly for six when she realizes that she might be falling for him.

Can Carly figure out who really killed Larry Gaston before the cops nab the wrong person? Or will she let his handsome twin wander off into the sunset with one of the dead guy’s former conquests?

Get cozy with the characters in this small town as Carly fights for justice as sweet as the chocolate cake at the Sweets & Eats bakery!

**Includes two recipes straight from the book!**

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Call-Back Blues

Word around town is that The Aphrodite hotel is a little… unusual. In this short story featuring Hotel Detective Molly Pinkerton, a trio of hopeful job seekers learn just how strange — and dangerous — the Aphrodite can be.

“Call-Back Blues” is a supernatural mystery set in the “Pink Molly” series, featuring a hard-boiled, high-heeled hotel detective who keeps order among the employees and guests of The Aphrodite. This story is the first in a continuing series of paranormal thrillers garnering interest from fans of urban fantasy and noir fiction.

If you love mysteries with elements of horror and dark humor, the “Pink Molly” series is for you!

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Silver Bear’s New Mate: A BBW Paranormal Romance

Silver Bear’s New Mate: A BBW Paranormal Romance (Bearford Falls Book 1)

He is beautiful, fearless, and wealthy. And he’ll risk everything, including his life, for the woman he loves…

Jarod Silver has lost his mate, and with her his sanity. Now Jarod is being haunted by the nightmare of the accident, which forces him to relive the death of his mate every day. If he doesn’t get back on his feet, Jarod risks losing everything he has—including his friends and family.

Diana Rocherford is a beautiful and curvy news reporter, with a successful career under her belt, and no luck in love.

After she learns that her husband is an alcoholic and a cheater, Diana decides to call it quits. Her new job takes her to Bearford Falls, the wealthiest and most famous silver bear-shifter town in the country. There, Diana meets a man with crystal blue eyes that puts her heart on fire and makes her insides melt—Jarod Silver.

But Jarod is a broken man, with a secret that threatens their love. Diana is not yet ready to face her demons and Jarod can’t forget the past.

Until danger strikes and Jarod realizes that he’ll have to fight the battle of his life or lose Diana forever.

Content warning: This is a sexy BBW small town paranormal romance for adults. There is mild language, knee-melting love scenes between main characters, action, suspense, lighthearted humor, and a happy end. This book is a part of a series, but can be read as a stand-alone. No cliffhangers.

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The Almshouse

Come travel into the 1930’s and through the doors of St. Margaret’s School for Girls. The place used to be an almshouse, until its previous occupants burned to death thirteen years before. The townsfolk are at a loss as to what started the fire. Some said it was an act of the devil. Some said it was a resident who had too much to drink. The building, miraculously, survived.

When a bag of bones falls on twelve-year old Julia, she finds herself thrown into the spirit realm and face to face with house’s past residents. Her new neighbors aren’t so lively, and some can’t even remember their own names. But as Julia soon discovers, there’s more to these people than meets the eye. One of these ghosts is not like the others, and Julia must find out quickly why someone had been cut from the town records.

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Fatal Reaction

Paramedic Anneliese Ashmore’s routine shift takes a startling turn when she answers the call she was never meant to hear–a call to a crime scene where her sister Sydney is the victim of an overdose suicide.

The evidence says otherwise.

In the midst of a heated divorce, motive implicates Sydney’s soon-to-be-ex husband, but while the police focus on the single lead, Ana makes her own discover.

A chain of e-mails between Sydney and her surgeon’s office sets Ana on a search for answers about her sister’s recent diagnosis and the life-altering treatment that saved her. The body count rises as Ana closes in on the truth, and on the man of her dreams.

With the help of Dr. Jared Monroe, an unhappily married physician with a bit of a crush, Ana uncovers a ring of greed and corruption and exposes the fact that Sydney’s medical treatment may have been the catalyst for her murder.

Unfortunately for Ana, she may be next.

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