Elthea’s Realm (The Story of Elthea’s Realm Book 1)

Science fiction and fantasy novel Elthea’s Realm is a land with islands held high above the ocean by a slender pillar and stars that float down from the heavens to bestow an amazing gift. It’s a place where five friends involuntarily find themselves after they were attacked by a destructive computer virus turned corporeal.

The five companions are soon befriended by the Astari, a race of people who were once computer software programs on Earth. The deadly virus, called Bots, continue to pursue the five friends because of their participation in a college course called The Utopia Project. And the Bots will stop at nothing to kill or capture them, even as the virus begins to wage war on Earth’s computer infrastructure.

The members of The Utopia Project and their Astari protectors band together and hatch a plan to stop the Bots before being killed by them first, and before the Earth is left in ruins.

What ensues is a harrowing tale of magic and survival, set against the backdrop of what makes us human. Ultimately, it’s a story of friendship and brotherhood, without which none would survive.

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