Our Other Creative Passion

Of course, you already know about our passion in writing books, however, we do have other passions and we’ve been busy! After the publication of our books, our creative energy went into a few art projects and learning how to play piano together (maybe another story about that later :)). From there we ventured into the worlds of board games and created our own games! It has a modular design that lets 2 to 8 players play 8 fun strategy games. We are mindful and selective of the things we put out into the world and so we incorporated sustainability principles into the design right from the start. The response from testing it has been awesome so we plan to take our game idea to kickstarter.com to raise funds to manufacture it. The campaign starts February 2 to March 9, 2022! You can check it out here.
Just in case you’re not familiar Kickstarter.com, it is the most widely used and trusted crowdfunding website where creators pool contributions from various people to support a project in exchange for various rewards. On Kickstarter, if the funding goal isn’t reached within a certain timeframe, no one is charged a cent, and no rewards are distributed.
We are so proud and we have learned so much through this experience. We thought you might like to see what we’ve been up to so here is the website: https://www.travelus.games. Let us know what you think. Would love your feedback!
Stay safe!

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