Indie Author Day at the Brampton Public Library

On October 8, Virginia and I attended the Indie Author Day event held at the Brampton Public Library. This event started in the United States and on this day, nearly 300 libraries across North America invited thousands of local writers in their communities to join them for a day of celebration and inspiration devoted to indie authors like me.

There were a dozen of us—poetry, non-fiction and fiction writers—all anticipating the chance to share our work at the Four Corners Branch. The library staff has wonderfully and professionally prepared the space for us. Each of us sat behind a desk displaying our books and these simple yet lovely-designed place cards with our names. Our desks surrounded a few rows of audience chairs facing the front where a sturdy dark brown lectern, microphone and projector were ready for author presentations.  Just like a postcard, the backdrop was a wall of windows that displayed magnificent maple trees colourfully smiled under the blue sky 🙂


It was a charming set up although only a handful of people showed up. The organizers in the states probably didn’t take into consideration that it was Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. Yet this somehow did not deter us authors from sharing with the tiny audience and among ourselves. Some amazing spontaneous things happened that day—something that wouldn’t have happened if the crowd had been bigger. We shared our experiences as writers/publishers and these interactions may lead to different workshops that Virginia and I will do in the future to help other Indie authors. It’s amazing how many different publishing ideas are out there!

We took turn to talk about our books and publishing journeys. When it was my turn I told the story I often tell in my workshops. It’s about the word ‘PASSION’—that it is our opportunity to PASS-I-ON whenever we do something with a passion in life and as authors, we have created a wonderful legacy of passing ourselves on forever.


Before we left, Virginia took me by the hand, led me to a shelf and then told me to look down. That was truly something I never thought I would see in my life. When I looked down and there it was: my book on a shelf in the library! Laughingly, of course, I said I’d be happier to know someone had checked it out to read. Truthfully though, I was so very very proud to see my book in the library since getting it into libraries meant that the book’s quality fit the collection. I also remembered my grade 12 English teacher telling me to never choose a career in literature. I wondered what he’d say if he saw this!


It was a good day, so much to feel thankful for.

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