“What makes you think you can be a writer?” – Robert Taylor, “Committed”

“Committed” is a novel. A novel with a love story. And family conflict. But written with real-world answers for writers who would like to see their book in print someday and maybe, just maybe, be able to make a living doing what they love.

Look over the shoulder of aspiring writer Peter Taylor. He wants to know what it will take to be successful. Is it even possible to make money as a writer? How does self-publishing work? Should he sign up with all distributors or exclusively with Amazon? “Committed” follows Peter as he searches for the answers to these questions and more.

When we first meet Peter, he’s scared. Scared that if he starts a consulting job working for his father, he’ll end up just like him; a miserable alcoholic driven only by money and dreaming of what could have been. He’s scared that if he follows his dream of writing novels, he’ll love his work, but end up broke for the rest of his life.

At his college graduation dinner, and pressed by his father to start working at the firm, Peter lays everything on the line. To get past his parents’ objections, Peter agrees to a series of “bullpen sessions,” where he’ll take on three of his father’s top business consultants. He must find a way to prove writing can be a viable career and that he won’t end up delivering pizza and living in their basement when he’s forty, or he’ll be forced to give up his writing dream forever.

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