Don’t forget to be awesome!

This picture in my daughter’s room was the inspiration for Robert’s journal in Chapter 20:

Remember that poster Little Rock had on her bedroom door—“Don’t forget to be awesome!” That’s another thing I find up here…it’s that amazing sense of awe…And do you recall when Jenny first saw that poster, she didn’t even know what that word meant but she had to have it because she loved the colours and then after we hung it, she asked us what “awesome” was? Do you remember what you told her?

I don’t remember it word for word but it was something like this: you said Awe is something we find…or something we can create…and…if we live being awe-some then somehow it touches who we really are—because then we find all these little bits of ourselves—for each time you feel, touch or see anything that actually awes you, you will then feel a reason to exist!…And then you said to her that feeling awe is just like…feeling real love. Well, Monique, then you should know…you are all awe to me!

awesome @ www.because.zone
Photo Credit: Jack A. Langedijk

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