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Being born an Empath (feeling other people’s emotions), listening has always been one of my greatest assets and the talent that people compliment me on the most.  I understood early on that true listening involved more than just the ears and this workbook does an excellent job in describing these different areas and explaining why they are necessary.  This workbook helped me see that even though I am a good listener there are still areas that I can improve on.  It also helped me see the other side of the issue, to see how hard listening is for others, which will help me be more understanding with people who lack these skills. ~Jessica~
I’m truly enjoying this workbook! The interactiveness is nice and keeps attention more than a text only version would. For the past year I’ve been working on my awareness in all things, most notably communication (with self & others). And upping my listening game has been a long-term work in progress.

The journal is a pretty good overview. Some of it is a little hurtful to me to see… even though it is true and based on my honest answers. It makes me want to defend myself and give excuses for my behavior. But that will do no good. Instead, I’ll focus on improvements to self and move on as a better listener.~Samantha~

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