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Your artistic sense wanted: Which cover do you like best?

As you may know, Virginia is almost done writing her two books, documenting her work in helping me publish mine. The books are guides in a series titled Because Self-Publishing Works with Book 1 covers the process of self-publishing while Book 2 covers the marketing aspects of self-publishing.

Here are the three covers and she’d really wanted to know which one you like best. Please cast your vote by clicking on the heart symbol. And of course, please feel free to leave your comments too. Thank you very much.

If you are interested in getting more information about the books, please enter your name and email address below. By doing so, your name will also be entered into a draw for a $10 gift card, just for some fun and as our little token of appreciation 🙂

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by Jack A. Langedijk

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Pooja said…

Some novels have their decided beauty in them, this is one of them.

I confess that Because was not an usual read for me. I had my own insecurities and uncertainty that if I can read it and I’m glad that I made a choice to read it. It was a mesmeric effect on me. I found myself reading it day and night. Fantastic plot and engaging narration keeps telling me to be rooted to this book.

It is not only a motivational novel but it also tells you to go beyond your limits without making one sentimental. Dialogues are apt and precise. There’s no beating that. It touches you. It uplifts you. It moves you. I kept myself relating to the characters one time or other. It has a fair sense of spirituality attached to it. The Best part? Well, I can get a message out of it what I wanted and at the same time, the message you’ll get could be completely different. I think this is what makes a book commendable.

The cover starts to make sense and everything falls in its place. Beautifully narrated story, unforgettable characters, their spirits and enthusiasm lifts this one up in the top lists of Best Non-Fiction novels. His writing style is gripping and intriguing. There is no hesitation in reading the future works by the author.

Many novels come in your life. Some you forget and some you can’t forget. But every single one of them have this common property : They change you, somehow. You can’t explain how and what, but they do. ” Because ” has the same outcome. A better and positive outcome. It has impressed me to the core.

I would recommend ‘Because’ highly.

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