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e-Scribes is a website in UK that offers editing, proofreading and book reviewing services. We applied for a free review in August and because was chosen based on merit among many other submissions. Here’s the review that was posted a few days ago on their website:

It was a natural thing to want to read and review this book; the first pages were compelling, the perfect start to any good read—it drew me in, so there was no way I could avoid completing it.

The struggle and emotional battles implicit in loss of mobility and loss of ‘former life’ or self, are well-known to me from seeing someone close lose his mobility, and this author puts the sentiments across as expertly as anyone.

The book didn’t even come across as fiction; if someone had said this was factual, I’d have bought into it; so real were the situations and, most of all, the portrayal of shifting, agonized emotions as the bleakness of the situation is unveiled.

Characters, especially the protagonist Robert, are drawn with acuity and remain three-dimensional.

The relationships between Robert and his therapist Seema, also between Robert and his wife Monique, are so keenly drafted that they offer up more than a handful of edge-of-seat moments, and others where you’re going to claim the excuse you have dust in your eyes. The development of the psyche in the face of adversity makes for an interesting, enthralling and colourful ride as we see Robert not only come to terms with his ‘disability’ but rise above it and make it into a learning, positive experience.

All the key characters develop and grow closer to the reader’s heart, again as if this were factual. Intricacies of relationships, the way the past, present and the anticipated future are interwoven, seem artistic and every small nuance stunningly conveyed; the book made me think about how every small thing, every person, every interaction, has a bearing on who we become and who we allow ourselves to be in times of crisis.

The only problem we had with this book—seemingly echoing the feelings of some readers—is that the flow, natural pace, and insights do come to feel a little disjointed and lost towards the middle, where Robert’s learning journey now allows him to help teenagers with their own personal trials by taking them out on expeditions of their own.

It is a tribute to the immense skill of Langedijk that we feel so immersed in Robert’s own future, we find it too hard to let go of his story, even momentarily, to consider the teens’ own tales; we ache to get back to where we began, which was the total enthralling, engrossing development of Robert’s post-trauma evolution.

Time shifts can be confusing initially, but equally, once we understood them, they made perfect sense; this is a book to inspire deep thought, and the deft dance of relationships and what-ifs tells the story of how each character now relates to Robert and why his role in their life is as it is. From this perspective, there are parts that may need two reads before you will ‘get it’, but we wouldn’t alter it.

We find this a skillful, thoughtful and deeply moving novel, especially in its earlier chapters, and it’s an inspiration to anyone who knows someone in this situation, or whose physical life as they knew it has been unexpectedly curtailed.

There are, of course, many such stories of inspiration but what makes this different is its stunningly-constructed prose and the ability to create a reality in which we really believe, and which becomes more than ‘a novel’ and manages to make us consider our own value and belief system. One of the key questions this book brings to the fore, as uncomfortable—or even painful—as it may be, is: when does life become untenable and what gives our life its perception of value? This is something each of us must answer, and it’s not open to debate, as it’s so deeply personal and subjective. This book is a life lesson from which we will all extract our own, differing, narratives.

It’s presented almost flawlessly, too, with crisp and credible dialogue, many witty moments and excellent editing.

When we write reviews, we also consider what the Amazon readers thought, wherever reviews are available. This was the debut work from Langedijk and it’s clear from the many reader reviews that this work is inspirational on many levels, to most people; we know how very difficult that is to achieve, even for the most seasoned author, but Langedijk accomplishes this naturally and easily. We look forward to his next book.

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The 7 Keys to Success

As human beings, we all share certain basic wants and needs: we have need for food, water, shelter, safety, love, respect and self-esteem. Most people settle for pursuing a career that satisfies these basic human wants and needs and never really think beyond them to what their life could be about.

This book will challenge you to rethink your life and what is really important to you. The 7 Keys to Success contains an important message – it is time for you to wake-up and start living the life you were born to live, and to do that, you need to acquire these seven important keys.

By living the life you were born to lead, you will not only go on to achieve great success, you will also know that inner peace that comes from living a life that truly matters; one that actually makes a difference. So read this inspirational book today and begin to live your life on purpose.

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Confessions of a Wedding Musician Mom

Fans of Sophie Kinsella, Meg Cabot, and Jen Lancaster will love this laugh-out-loud funny book that is also filled with sweet moments.

Stay-at-home mom Heather Hershey hadn’t thought about playing the piano in years. After what happened in college, she could barely bring herself to learn the theme song to Millie Mallard’s Pond of Fun to amuse her kids.

When she ran into an old college acquaintance at the grocery store things began to change. You were the piano player kept reverberating through Heather’s head. She couldn’t shake the idea, and she decided to take a leap of faith.

Acting on suggestions from her patient husband, a zany neighbor, and even her out of control kids, Heather dives head first into the quagmire of starting her own business. In the beginning, it didn’t seem as hard to get prospective clients as she’d imagined. It soon became obvious that sealing the deal was the problem . . .

Will Heather realize her dream of becoming a professional pianist, or will it just be misstep after misstep yet again?

Jennifer McCoy Blaske sews together a wonderful patchwork of quirky yet relatable characters in this delightful story of one mother’s struggle to juggle her home, her kids, her husband, and her fledgling business. Blaske brings Heather’s hilarious trials and tribulations while starting a new business into Technicolor—amidst the pandemonium of family life. This laugh-out-loud tale is a most entertaining quick read, and not to be missed!

“This is a quick read, and a lot of fun, whether you are in the Wedding Industry, a busy Mom, or any combination thereof. Loved it!”—Rev Gurley, Amazon reviewer

Knowing that happiness…

knowing that happiness

Knowing that happiness doesn’t come from thinking, wanting, or expecting too much

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Two Beating Hearts

Only One of Us Can Survive.

Wren knows only one thing: she is being hunted by the most powerful woman in Aria and she won’t stop until she is dead. Born a defective clone and cast out of society, Wren is a liability to have around because of her mirror image of the famous face.

Reece is the soldier who let her escape. A dedicated member of the Resistance hiding in plain sight with the city’s trooper division, he is determined to change things from the inside. Being a spy is deadly, especially when every move he makes is being watched.

When their paths cross everything changes. Wren must decide whether she can trust the soldier in order to find safety. When her best friend is taken by a guard, she has no choice except to beg Reece to help her find him.

In a fight for justice, the truth, and the lives of all Defectives, Wren and Reece are the unlikely duo who must risk everything they’ve ever known for the cause. In the first book of the Aria Clones Trilogy, be prepared to question everything you’ve been told.

Gloria said…

What an inspiring read! Well written, with compelling characters and locales, I recommend this book to anyone that enjoys adventure and triumph of the human spirit.

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