Aisuru (Hakodate Hearts, Book 1)

Party? Cake? Friends? No, for Sakura Takeshi, her eighteenth birthday was spent meticulously preparing for her coming death. But all of her planning didn’t include meeting the star of her late guardian’s fairy tales in her garden one night.

Now she has a handsome yokai now sharing her house and her bed, a jealous young tengu living in her cherry tree, a cheerful classmate determined to push past her walls to be her first friend, and a heart in danger of being stolen…

Aisuru is a young adult love story with a charming prince of hero, a sweetly conflicted heroine, a sprinkling of fantasy, a dash of family drama, and a little spice to warm the heart.

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Joy to the World

Unbeknownst to Eliza Berkeley, the second daughter of a baron, the man she thought she was going to marry was not Stephen Huntington, the Duke of Wyndale. Thankfully, the reprobate does not appear for the wedding. The true duke arrives instead. Will a match formed originally through deceit blossom into love this Christmas? Or will the imposter ensure neither experiences happiness ever again? Joy to the World originally appeared in the Bluestocking Belles’ Mistletoe, Marriage, & Mayhem box set.

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by Jack A. Langedijk

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The Christmas Reunion

I still love you… That’s why I’m still so angry with you after all these years…

Bad boy billionaire supermarket tycoon Grayson Lawrence keeps himself so wrapped up in business that life keeps passing him by. For the first time in years, he’s returning home to Cherry Valley to enjoy Christmas with his family while he conducts some business on the side. The one person he hopes he won’t run into… the one person he can’t face is his old high school sweetheart.

Famous movie star, Sydney Silverlake talks her way out of rehab early to return to the set of a major production. When the going gets tough, Sydney decides a good old fashioned holiday season with her family might be exactly what she needs. Returning home to Cherry Valley she looks forward to a much needed vacation from the limelight… as long as she doesn’t run into the man she despises most.

Will Grayson and Sydney spend the holidays together or will they each find happiness in the arms of another? Personalities clash, stocks plummet, and Christmas parties rock in this heart warming second chance holiday romance novella.

Archit said…

Deeply and Imaginatively Crafted!

I had been traveling for a long time and I couldn’t find much time to read. But once I did, I was unstoppable. The book didn’t let me put it down for a while.

And when I did finish reading it, all I felt was – invincible.

These invincibility notions can be created only by innovative books like it!

It is narrated in different timelines but it doesn’t seem as a barrier to the plot rather it was the strongest and thoughtful theme that made it an excellent narrative.

In between these perfect shifts from past to present, the author has portrayed many engaging events that fueled my excitement all the while. His work is commendable.

It was a perfect blend of inventiveness, creativity and raw emotions. Something you rarely get to see. Another thing that I adored about it was how believable the characters were! I kept relating myself from one to another.

because is the book that truly demonstrates that the author has an exceptional talent for storytelling. I appreciated his writing style very much. Engaging and arresting.

In the end, I feel overwhelmed to have read a book of a life-time. I would suggest it to everyone who are searching for an inspirational and thought-provoking read.

This is the kind of book that demands your attention and asks you to contemplate about your thought process and way of living.

The cover is designed miraculously. If you are the person who judges a book by its cover, then in this one, you’ll never go wrong.

I’ve always been a fan of books that give me the feeling that I’m reading something extraordinary.

This book functioned really well for me. And I had nothing in my mind but to enjoy it.

It was an experience beyond explanation.

Jack A. Langedijk I read you loud and clear.

It’s needless to say that I am inclined to see more of the author’s work.

Verdict : You must not miss a powerful and moving story like this.

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Lost And Loster

Boozy, sexy, and troubled, Massage Therapist Samantha Black can’t figure out how her friends make life work when she couldn’t possibly! Men, rent, and simply cooking a cup of tea seem to completely confound her. Is she suffering from the effects of alien abduction, or is her condition genetic? Maybe she is plagued with paranormal activity, since large objects do seem to fly out the window without her having any memory of the event. Even the popular site Lust for Life has blocked her from its members, stating that she is not a good dating prospect to any man in the entire world. What is wrong with Samantha Black? How can such an attractive creature be so lost? Who or what will save her, and is salvation even possible?